There are plenty of films and computer games that are available in the UK that are all based on the undead, Zombies is a thrilling NetEnt slot that is inspired by the monsters we fear the most. The thought of the dead coming back to life to feast on humans is quite a chilling thought to have, you will see many of these scary looking monsters in the Zombies slot game and it is an extremely entertaining game to play. When it comes to the video slots at NetEnt UK casinos we are always taken aback by the amount of detail that goes into their creations, in the Zombies slot you will see some outstanding graphics that will give you the feeling that you are playing one of the massive computer games that are available. Zombies is a 5 reel slot game that will offer 20 bet lines, three wild features a free spin bonus round and a multiplier feature so you know that there is a lot in there that can keep the game going and give you the entertainment that you desire. NetEnt have great ways of keeping us excited and thrilled with the games that they offer choosing amazing themes that you wouldn’t really see when playing a different software, playing at a NetEnt UK casino is sure to give you an extra thrill because you are playing games provided by the worlds leading software provider and there is a reason that they have the status they do. Zombies is filled with bonuses and excitement but also has a little of the fear factor in it, with life like graphics that will keep your adrenalin going and will show you an extraordinary experience. Although none of the NetEnt slots are really the same you will find that some of them do have comparable themes, so if you enjoy some of the video slots such as Relic Raiders and Secrets of Horus then Zombies could be a good game for you while as they are not the same themes they do have a similar eerie style to them and that is always quite fun.

Bonus Features

So there is a lot to talk about when it comes to the bonuses available in the Zombies video slot, we will firstly talk about the wild symbols that you will see in the game as there is quite a few of them while you are playing the slot. So firstly you will have your regular wild symbol, these will only appear on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5 leaving the center reel free when these do come into the game they will act as a substitute for all other symbols in the reels except any bonus features and the random wilds that you will also have. The random wild feature can get rather exciting while you are playing the slot. This feature will only happen during the main game of the slot and will not be available if you have a scatter win, the great thing about the random wild feature is that you never know when it will come about as it is of course random, when this feature happens you could change up to 6 symbols in the game into a wild and the wins from this could get very big if you have the right stake chosen but even with a smaller stake wild symbols are great for increasing wins. Finally you will have the stacked wild when you play the Zombies video slot, staked wilds have been seen many times in the video slots provided to us by Net Entertainment software, you will find stacked wilds in the Wild Turkey slot and in the Thunderfist slot. The stacked wild in the Zombies slot will only appear in reel three, when it comes in it can appear as one symbol, 2 or three, you only have one or two of the symbols and it is in an active bet line it will nudge itself up or down so this is just another way that the game gets more excitement. You will also have the free spin bonus when you are playing, the way of getting onto your free spin bonus in the Zombies slot is more rare than what we usually see in the NetEnt slots but it has been done before, you will need to see three or more of the scatter symbol but they have to have appeared in the reels, 2, 3 and 4. When you do activate the bonus you will be awarded with 5 free spins, in the bonus round you will try to kill of Zombies in order to win coin amounts and once again these will be larger if you have a larger stake when playing. You will also have a multiplier bar while you are in the free spins feature so for each free spin you will get a larger multiplier that reaches a x10 for your final spin.

The Quality Of Zombies

Zombies has an outstanding quality in it, you will find that this is a regular thing when playing a video slot at your NetEnt UK casino but with the Zombies game there is a little more to it. You will see the quite real and scary looking Zombies coming in for close ups when you trigger that random wild feature and the detail in it is fantastic, this will always give you a more entertaining game to play when at a UK casino and will cause some great excitement as you get a lot more entertainment while you are waiting for the bonuses to come in, the great thing about the Zombies slot though is that there are many different bonuses so there is quite a lot going on anytime you play the slot. You will see some quite creepy symbols in the reels of this slot, it is bloody it is messy and it is amazing. Among the symbols you will see brains, chainsaws, eyeballs and some very scary weapons, each one is covered in blood and if you are a player that actually gets rush from the fear of a scary film then this slot will suit you perfectly. Enjoy the NetEnt Zombies video slot with great sounds, amazing graphics and some great ways to get your hands on those big wins you seek.