Wonky Wabbits

Wonky Wabbits is the amazing animated slot game from NetEnt software, this slot is bright, colourful and is sure to put a smile on your face. You will see many fun and entertaining characters in the Wonky Wabbits video slot ad it has become pretty popular with the players that have visited NetEnt UK casinos. The great thing about this slot game is that it has a big difference compared to the other NetEnt slots, if you are a regular player of their games then you will be very familiar with the wild symbols that are available, the wilds are a great advantage to players and they are well liked because they will help you along the way with your win lines and creating bigger wins for you. In the Wonky Wabbits slot this whole game is based around the wild symbols, so you do not see the free spin bonus like you do in many other games from Net Entertainment, you will aim to see wilds in order to get the big wins that you want and this is yet again another refreshing idea that gives us something new to look forward to. You will love the inspiration in this game because it has such a happy feel to it, while NetEnt do have some pretty intense and thrilling lots it is always great when we come across a slot that has a brighter feel to it so that you constantly get entertainment with a happy vibe. If you enjoy some of the NetEnt slots such as Flowers and Lucky Angler then this slot will be a good choice for you, all of these games have a really exciting feel to them and offer great entertainment by showing us something new. You will always find a fun game to play when you visit a NetEnt UK casino and I am sure that many players that come along will be happy to add the Wonky Wabbits video slot to their list of favourites.

Bonus Features

S there is only the one bonus feature when you play the Wonky Wabbits slot, you will find that this is quite rare when you play a NetEnt game. Most of the video slots that we have played will offer us a great deal of bonuses when we are playing, you will be constantly entertain with features popping up during your main game and you will have some games that even offer two separate bonus features in them. However there is only one bonus in this slot and as i have mentioned it is all about those wild symbols that you will see in the reels. Having a bonus like this means that you do not need to wait around for the scatter symbols in order to activate a bonus, it will all happen randomly and during your main game meaning that you can just play straight through and get all of the entertainment and wins when you spin the reels. So the bonus in this game is the wild duplication feature, so when you see a wild symbol I your game it can duplicate itself and will position itself in the place that will create the highest win for you, the wild symbols can appear anywhere in the reels and you will also find that two stacked wilds can also appear on reels 2 and 4. With all of this it means that you could get a maximum of 14 wild symbols in the reels, this is pretty amazing considering that you can only fit 15 symbols into the reels at a time. The bonus in this slot is actually quite attractive an it can introduce you to some rather large wins, as in any slot game that you play if you have a higher stake when you are paying the wins can get a lot bigger. This does not mean that you constantly have to play on a large stakes you can play from your regular amount but every now and then it could be nice to try your luck and up the stake by a small amount just to see what happens.

The Quality Of Wonky Wabbits

The most stunning part of the Wonky Wabbits video slot is the entire look of it, it is a very bright game that actually looks like a small cartoon world. This is great because we all need that good bit of imagination in life and the Wonky Wabbits slot really does give you that, you will see the wabbits appearing in the slot, they do pop in when the wilds are duplicating you will see the wabbits appearing from the wild symbols and hopping around the reels to make the wilds, his is a fun way of adding in the wilds and it will put a good smile on your face not only because of the cute wabbits but also because this is of course the feature and the wins can get really great. You will love all of the sounds in this game it keeps the vibe up and your adrenalin going, the Wonky Wabbits slot is liked by many players that visit NetEnt UK casinos and you will get a really good game from it. NetEnt have given us some sensational animated slots with games like Muse and Jungle games also having a great colourful theme that will keep you very smiley while you are playing.