South Park

South Park is the amazing slot game from Net Entertainment software, the great thing a bout this slot is that South Park is a beloved t.v adult cartoon and it is extremely popular. This is why it is great that NetEnt have used South Park as one of their amazing video slots. The South Park slot is so big that it even had a massive movie made about it, so this shows you how popular those four boys from South Park is. This game will start of with on of the NetEnt intros, now the sow is very famous for the killing of Kenny. Kenny is one of the young boys from the South Park show who always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and in the end up he is some way or another killed off, but all is fine as he seems to have made a full recovery by the next airing of the show, and it also created the famous you killed Kenny saying. So NetEnt have used this in the intro to their slot, once again humour has come into this as the game will start of with 8 year old Kenny sitting in a casino lobby playing the slot machine. As he is playing he is very lucky in winning the jackpot an coins are shooting out of the slot, but unfortunately for Kenny he seems to have a run of bad luck and the machine then falls and crushes him so you are getting a classic South Park scene in the slot. The South Park slot also has a great amount of bonus features for yo to enjoy, you will find that there are some great chances to get your hands on some big wins when you are playing. This slot is action packed and hilarious, a big stretch from some of the other NetEnt video slots we have seen like Aliens and Mythic Maiden which are actually quite dark compared to the South Park slot.

Bonus Features

There are a lot of bonuses and features to see when you are playing the South Park slot game, these will take place in the main game of the slot and in separate bonus games of the slot, This gives you so much to look forward to as the game is constantly adding something to the slot, you will have the Terrance and Philip bonus, these to are well known for there bad mouths and fart jokes, so you will see the brothers randomly appear during the main game and will lift up from their farts creating wild symbols around the slot. You will also have the Mr hanky bonus, Mr hanky is the little guy that comes out of the toilet during the special Christmas episodes, he will also appear randomly during the main game of the slot and will jump around the reels creating wild symbols that will help you to get the wins that you want. So other than these two fantastic bonus features that appear during the main game you the four boys of South Park will also some bonuses of their own for you. You will activate a bonus game when you see two bonus symbols in reels 3 and 4 and then a character bonus symbol in reel 5, the character on the final bonus symbol will determine what feature you will be taken to. So you will have the Kyle bonus spins, these will award you with ten free spins to play through, you will also find that Kyle’s little brother can appear in the bonus game to add in an extra feature for you. The next bonus game will be the Kenny bonus game, you will want to try and keep Kenny alive while he is running down the street, you will select where his next move will be and you will either win a coin amount and move on or you will of handed Kenny his fate and the bonus will end. Next up is the Cartman bonus game, now Cartman is a very angry boy that seems to hate most things, especially hippies. In this game the hippies will be hiding behind bushes in the park, you will select bushes for Cartman to spray with a fire extinguisher if hippies pop out you will win a coin amount and if it is the police you will be arrested. The final bonus is Stan’s bonus spins, this will have the sticky wild involved and at the beginning of the bonus will stick in the center reel 2 spins. All of these bonuses are fantastic and fun showing you some of the most filled and action packed NetEnt slots that there is.

The Quality Of South Park

South Park is an amazing game with amazing quality, you will love seeing all of the characters from the show acting as symbols in the reels and for features. You will hear quotes from the program and it is very entertaining. If you have played slots such as Kings of Chicago and Wishmaster you will notice a massive difference with them and the South Park video slot, this shows you the skill that NetEnt have by creating amazing games of all different varieties. South Park will have you laughing and jumping up and down with high quality graphics and some amazing chances to get the wins you have been aiming for. You will be sure to find this slot at many of the NetEnt UK casinos, it is one of the more popular video slots and you will also find that it is available in the touch collection so you can even enjoy all of the fun from your mobile. Meet the four boys of South Park in the extremely thrilling NetEnt video slot.