South Park Reel Chaos

When you play the South Park Reel Chaos slot you will get a very entertaining experience, we have seen slots before at NetEnt UK casinos that are packed with bonuses but the South Park Reel Chaos slot is actually bursting with different bonuses and features for you to enjoy. After the first South Park slot was released by Net Entertainment it became so popular that they have decided to create a second one, it is even funnier and it it has even better quality to it. South Park is a brilliant T.v cartoon made for adults, you will see some hilarious jokes made and you will get to meet even more of the characters that are in the show. This game has so much to it that you will want to keep playing, there is a lot to see and it has amazing graphics in it. Before you even start playing the slot you will find that the entertainment already starts with one of NetEnts great intro videos. So the intro will start with a close up of the lovable character butters, you will then see the video film fill his room and he introduces himself as professor chaos, this is actually a really funny intro as you then hear his mum call him to bed and this is probably not a usual thing to happen to super heroes. This slot is great as it will attract a good audience, the cartoon may not be everyone’s cup of tea because in all honesty it is a little explicit and foul mouthed so not all audiences will be happy with what is on offer, it does aim quite a lot at the younger generation and as gambling is from 18 up you will get a great amount of players from the NetEnt UK casinos that really love this game. It is funny, brilliant and it has some amazing bonuses in it so enjoy all that is there for you.

Bonus Features

So there is a lot of bonuses in the south Park Reel Chaos slot, from frees pins to stacked wilds and multipliers. he great thing about the features in this game is that they will pop into the main game of the slot, this will help you to create bigger wins. So first of all you will have your cartman feature, this is a stacked wild bonus feature and will activate randomly during your main game, so cartman will appear and try to catch the general dispensary who is hiding above the reels of the slot, to do so he must set up a ladder and climb up to get him leaving behind him a trail of wild symbols. But even better is that he may not catch him first time and switch to another reel giving you more chances to get those wild symbols filling the reels. Next you will have Kenny’s bonus feature which will be the Kenny vs professor chaos multiplier feature, Kenny and the professor will fight it out and then a multiplier from x1 up to x5 will be awarded to the win line. This will be activated randomly during the main game of the video slot, multipliers area great way to boos up your balance and you will see them in slots such as Mega Fortune and Subtopia. You will also have two more features that activate randomly in the main game, these will be the Stan and Kyle bonuses, Stan will bring you a multiplier bonus re-spin, this will only be activated randomly when you have had a win that has not created a win. Kyle will have the wild overlay bonus, he will try to fight off the evil minions as they scramble behind symbols in the reels, he will use his powers to shoot at the minions and will then turn symbols into wilds. So these are rally great bonus features to have and they are only in the main game! You will also have your regular wild while you are playing that will act as a substitute for all other symbols except the bonus. You will also have the epic bonus spins feature also, you will trigger this feature when you see three or more of the bonus symbols in the reels. When you get into this free spin bonus you will find that there is a lot more to it than what we usually see at video slots in NetEnt UK casinos. So you will work your way through levels defeating enemy’s, if you manage to win the battle you will move up a level and your free spins will continue, however if you get hit and lose all of your lives then you will en the bonus. The amount of free spins you get will depend on how many lives you have left, you will only be able to hit your enemy when you get a winning bet line.

The Quality Of South Park Reel Chaos

If you have played NetEnt slots like Muse then you will know that the animated games can get very interesting, South Park Real Chaos is an amazing slot with unbelievable quality in the graphics, symbols and the sounds. You will hear fun quotes from the characters that are in the slot ad it really makes the slot a lot more enjoyable, the South Park Reel Chaos slot will show you a brilliant game to play and it is a very enjoyable way of getting to those wins you seek. The game has an amazing detail to it, the characters are amazing and the style of everything you see is a real credit to NetEnt. You will always get a very amazing experience when you play the South Park Reel Chaos slot game, so have fun when you play this game. Even better than all of this is that if you enjoy NetEnt UK casinos on your mobile you will find that the South Park Reel Chaos slot is available on mobile so you can enjoy it wherever you are.