Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a well known historic character, he is mostly known for his stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. There are many films, children’s programs and games relating to the Robin Hood character and as such an iconic figure this game will be sure to attract many of the players that visit NetEnt UK casinos. Not only is this game brilliant because of the characters they have gone with, but once again NetEnt have used a slot to introduce new bonus features and great ways of getting much bigger wins. The Robin Hood slot really is one of a kind and will show you one of the greatest experiences you will have. NetEnt have started this slot off with one of their great intro videos, this can be seen in slots such as Scarface and Jack Hammer 2. You will love the intro to the Robin Hood slot, it s quite humerus and it shows off exactly what the man was known for. So you will see this play out with guards carrying and protecting a large chest of gold, but awaiting in the woods is Robin Hood and his accomplices including little John, you will see Robin Hood reach into his bag and pull out his bow and arrow, he pulls back, fires and then the action kicks off. While the guards realise they are under attack they begin to fight with Robin Hoods accomplices and lose focus on he chest of gold which he snatches up, you will see Robin Hood running out of the forest with his chest of gold as he just misses being hit by an arrow. The intro will end with a man toasting as Robin Hood throws handfuls of gold into the cheering crowd, it is a really heroic and entertaining intro to the slot making sure that the excitement of the game starts straight from the beginning. This game is brilliant from the beginning and throughout, you will love everything that it has to offer with amazing bonuses and some really brilliant graphics.

Bonus Features

The bonuses in the Robin Hood slot are really exciting, there is something refreshing about it that makes you want to come back and play because it takes a lot more to trigger them. So there are some unseen features in this animated video slot and they are great to watch, this slot really gets down to the good stuff much like we see in other animated sensations such as Jack And The Beanstalk and Hall Of Gods. So firstly you will have your shifting reels bonus feature, this will be activated every time that you get a win, it is in a way a backwards version of a re-spin. So every time that you create an active win line the reels of the slot will shift to the left, this will add a new reel to the first of the slot, if you once again get a win then this will happen again and so on until you do not receive an active win line. This is a great bonus as you don’t know what could happen and it could bring in better ways to get those bigger wins. The even better part is that each time that your reels shit you will get a bigger multiplier added to your win, multiplier can really add big amounts to wins so to have one that grows is always exciting. You will also have your free spin bonus feature when you play the Robin Hood video slot, so the way to activate your bonus is to collect bags of money. If you see a money bag symbol appear in the reel, you will see the reel be removed from the slot by Robin Hood himself, he will then steal the money bag from the reel and place it into one of your carts at the bottom of the slot. Robin Hood will then replace the reel and the symbol that will of been your money bag will be replaced by a wild, this is a new way to enter a free spins bonus feature and even better is that your money bags will be held for one year from first collecting them so you will get some great chances to get into the bonus, you will also have a free spin symbol if this falls into the reels during your bonus you will be awarded with an additional 2 free spins. On top of all of these amazing bonus features you will also have your wild symbol, this will act as a substitute for all other symbols in the slot with an exception to the money bags and the free spins symbols. This game is action packed and very entertaining, so it would be worth a try when visiting your NetEnt UK casino.

The Quality Of Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a very iconic character, and NetEnt have made him even better in there slot game. The team at NetEnt are clearly very skilled when it comes to their video slot creations, you will here great anticipating sounds as you spin the reels and you will see some really amazing graphics in the slot. You will find that thee are many bright and wonderful symbols in the slot, these include the Robin Hood logo, you will also see the knights and even the man you saw cheering Robin Hood during the intro so that makes the game so entertaining. This slot is brilliant and it holds so many amazing features that you can enjoy playing, so have plenty of fun and don’t pass by the Robin Hood video slot when you choose to play at a NetEnt UK casino. This slot has amazing quality in everything, you will find that every time a feature or bonus is activated you will feel the atmosphere get more intense and thrilling.