Kings of Chicago

Kings Of Chicago is one of the most unique NetEnt slot that you will see, this game has become pretty popular with players as once again NetEnt have decided that just like in the Champion Of The Track slot they like to mix gambling with gambling. This is a really fun way of going about a theme, it has a brilliant layout and it shows of unseen features in an outstanding surrounding. In the Kings Of Chicago slot game you will find that it is all about the exciting game of poker, poker is a massive table game that is played all over the world. Not only will you find different versions of it like video poker, you will also find that there are massive poker players in poker rooms, online casinos and in land based casinos. The game takes a lot of skill and patience to play showing you a thrilling time with some massive wins, however this is not the case in NetEnts Kings Of Chicago poker game video slot, yes of course the big wins are still available but there is not as much patience and sill that is needed like you would find in a poker room. This game is fun, full of bonuses and will show you a very amazing experience. It all begins with the reels of the game, well actually there are o reels in this game, instead you are playing on a green background much like a table game, instead of seeing 5 spinning reels you will see 5 sets of cards that are dealt out into the game and this is how it will pa throughout. Instantly this feature of the game is attractive, it is new and it hast been seen before and there is something quite thrilling when you get a game that has a new feature in it that you wouldn’t expect from a video slot. This game does have bonus features included and there will be a wild card in play, so sit back and get ready for the most exciting poker game of your life at your NetEnt UK casino.

Bonus Features

So the fun art about this game is that it sticks to the terms of poker, your amount won will be determined by the hand that is dealt to you. Now this may sound a little confusing but it is an online video slot so there really isn’t much to it, you will see that this game offers all of the same poker hands you would see in a real game. A royal flush will pay the highest and you will also have five of a kind and a straight flush, all of these will pay you instant wins and it is fun to watch. Now although this is far from the other video slots we have seen from NetEnt you will still get all of the beloved bonus features that are usually around, so you will get a free deal bonus. The scatter cards in this game will randomly appear over any cards in the game, successfully gain three of these and you will enter your bonus feature where ten free deals will be awarded to you. This is exactly the same as a free spin bonus feature, the only difference is that this game is dealing cards and in other slots like Thief and Subtopia you will have spinning reels. So while you are in the free deal feature you will be able to re-trigger the deals, and wins in the feature will pay with a x2 multiplier. You will also have your joker card in the Kings Of Chicago video slot, now do not get to over excited this is of course your wild, it will be dealt in with other cards and when it is in an active hand it will act as a substitute for all other cards in the game with an exception to the scatter. So as you can see although this slot is a lot different to the usual collection of video slots we see at UK casinos you will still get the same great bonuses, and the same great chances to boost up those wins that you want to see. If you feel like trying something that is different to what you would normally play the Kings Of Chicago is the perfect game to do that with, throwing away the complication of a poker table and creating a very entertaining slot game where big chips can be won.

The Quality Of Kings Of Chicago

In the Kings Of Chicago video slot you will find outstanding quality, it is an amazing online slot with a massive difference. So the symbols in the game, well they are not symbol at all, the entire game is played out with a deck of cards and you will see them all in there, you will also see that there are images of different mob bosses and ladies in the game and you will love all of the effects that you will see. This game is of the highest quality in the graphics and in the sound, this is something you wouldn’t expect when you are playing an online slot at a NetEnt UK casino, so you will love the fact that it is a fresh idea that is once again showing something new to the players Have plenty of fun and whether you are a regular poke player or not yo will still get a great experience from a very unique slot game.