Go Bananas

This fun and exciting online video slot game is going to take you into the jungle, where you will meet a group of cheeky monkeys. Go Bananas is a online slot game that is going to give you the player a thrilling and entertaining time online. Net Entertainment are the software company that have designed this game, NetEnt have a fantastic portfolio of online slot games , Go Bananas is one of their most popular online slot games. This fun game is played over five reels. and gives you twenty pay lines, all of these lines will be in play with each spin. You have a choice of how much stake you would like to place per line, this can be from as low as one pence per line, up to the maximum of one pound per line. In order to find yourself with a winning line you need to get three of the same symbol next to each other on a pay line, if you can get more than three symbols together your win will be greater. There are a variety of symbols in this game and each symbol has a different value. In the game there is an information icon, click this and the value of the symbols will be in here, along with how to achieve a win, and what the bonus features do, and what value they have. Go bananas is will have you at the edge of your seat, as there are some really great features in the game that can win you some fantastic money. The monkey symbols are of such great fun characters, that are sure to bring a smile to your face. The monkeys and apes in this game will keep you on your toes as they are always up to something. Net Entertainment who designed Go Bananas, have some other great and exciting online slot games that you should play. If you enjoy Go Bananas you will love NetEnts online slot games Devils Delight, and Icy Wonders, both of these slot games have great character symbols, just like in Go Bananas, so these games will also give you fantastic game play.

Bonus Features

In Go Bananas there are the variety of monkey symbols, each of a different character, these symbols are wild symbols, each of the monkey symbols has a different wild role. There are five monkey symbols, you have Wild Gorilla, wild Orangutan, Wild baboon, wild langur, and wild tarsier. When these symbols fall on the reels they will then turn themselves into wild symbols that will substitute themselves for any symbol in the game. But each wild monkey has a different way of awarding their wilds, some spread there wilds adjacently, some vertically, or they can be horizontally. In Go Bananas you can have a few of the monkey wild symbols fall across the reels, if this happens you know you are in for a fantastic win. Each of the monkey wild symbols, with there extending wilds will gain you some great wins in this game. If you play in a NetEnt UK casino you will find other games that give as much fun and entertainment that Go Bananas does. You should play Boom Brothers, and Eggomatic, both of these brilliant online slot games will also give you hours of enjoyment, and are packed with features that can gain you some amazing wins. You are going to have a real fun and thrilling game play with Go Bananas , and once the wild symbols fall across the reels its time to get excited.

The Quality Of Go Bananas

As soon as you look at Go Bananas, you can see the great quality that this online slot game has. You are greeted with a short animation to take you into the game, once her the great symbols full of vibrant colours catch your eye. Go Bananas has animated characters so this gives great enjoyment to the game. There are great sound effects of the jungle, and jungle music but of the humorous type adding to the great entertainment of the game. This online slot game Go Bananas also gives players the chance to find themselves wining some really big money. So to summarize this game, it is a great online slot game that provides its players with a fantastic gaming experience. Bear in mind that the more you stake per line the higher your win will be. All that is left for you to do is go enter that jungle, and have some fun with those cheeky monkeys in there. Who knows you could possibly be the player that walks out of that jungle the king. So choose your stake, spin them reels and see how good the jungle is going to be to you, befriend them monkeys and they could help you win your way to a fortune.