Boom Brothers

As one of the more popular NetEnt slots Boom Brothers is a game that will have many players at NetEnt UK casinos laughing and cheering, with the great bonus features and the amazing wins that can be had when you play. This video slot will start with a quick movie before the game begins, we have seen this in a few of the NetEnt slots such as South Park and Jack And The Beanstalk. In this you will meet the three boom brothers, you will see them in their underground mine where they find diamonds and jewels wedged into the walls of the mine. Instead of deciding to chisel out the stones the trio seem to think it would be much better idea to overload the hole with explosives and pull the trigger. This of course creates a massive explosion in the mine, this is a great way to introduce you to the three Boom Brothers, you get a first hand look at what they are like and that is funny little characters that seem to cause a little mischief wherever they go, however this will be pretty helpful to you as the slot goes on. The Boom Brothers slot has 5 reels and 20 bet lines. You will also be able to access one of two bonus rounds in the game, the wild symbol will also be around in the reels to help with your wins. The great thing about having bonus features in the NetEnt slots is that you can enter the bonus round more than once as you lay, and with the high variance in the NetEnt slots you will find that this can happen quite a few times. You will be able to select from a good amount of stakes when you are playing, this slot is extremely entertaining for players so if it is just some fun that you are looking for then you can select a smaller stake and enjoy that, however you will also find that this game can payout pretty high so if you choose those big stakes you will be able to grab those wins you are looking for.

Bonus Features

There are two bonus rounds in the Boom Brothers slot game, if you are playing at a NetEnt UK casino and you decide to play on this slot then you will of made a good choice as this slot has the two bonuses and will show full entertainment throughout your time playing. So firstly you will have your free spin bonus round, free spins are fun for any player they can pay out in large amounts especially when you have wild symbols in a game, so it is already something great that you can look forward to. If you see three or more of the free spin symbol you will be taken to the bonus feature, during this game if one of the free spin symbols falls into the reels you will be awarded and additional free spin. This all creates such an exciting feature to play, after all the features and bonuses in the slots is what we look forward to the most so it is great that we can get them extended when they are playing. You will also have the rail track feature as you play the slot, this is a pick and win bonus with a difference, it is a very exciting part of the slot and it takes a little work to get into it. So when you see three of the rail track symbols in an active win line you will make your way to the first part of the bonus, here you will wait on your three tracks as the crank works the chains, if you get additional rail track symbols your cart will move through to the bonus feature. In this bonus you will see each of the Boom Brothers sat in their carts above each other, you will have the option to pick loose carts at the bottom of the screen, what you select will decide which brother and how far their cart will go, whichever brother gets to the end first will decide what you have won. There is a lot to e won in this bonus so it is worth the excitement, you will also have the wild symbol in this game, it will act as a substitute for all other symbols in the game with an exception to the scatter and bonus symbols.

The Quality Of Boom Brothers

The Boom Brothers slot has some unreal quality to it, everything in this game is outstanding and will show players one of the most exciting games. You will love everything from the way that the slot is set out to the symbols and the background of the game. When you enter a bonus feature in the Boom Brothers slot you will find fantastic graphics and refreshing ways of playing the game. The sounds are brilliant and every now and then you will see the Boom Brothers enter the main game and add additional bonuses to the reels, this is just another way to boost your wins and keep the entertainment flowing. The symbols in the game are not set out on reels but rather on chains, you will hear the crank turning every time you choose to start the reels and this is just great, each sound effect makes the game much more interesting to players at NetEnt UK casinos. This slot is completely different to some of the other NetEnt slots, you will notice the huge variety when you switch from a slot like Boom Brothers to a game that is maybe the Super Eighties or Silent Run. Each game is individual and fun, the Boom Brothers game goes beyond expectation and will show you some unreal wins when you play.