Red Dog

Red Dog is the fun table game from NetEnt, you will find that this game is quite different to the other table and card games that we see when playing at a NetEnt UK casino. If you are new to the Red Dog game then you may want to have a little read before you do begin to play, i have found that entering this game without any sort of knowledge at all can make it more confusing than it needs to be, once you figure out the basics of the game you get get straight on with enjoying all of the entertainment that it offers. This table game is played with three cards which is quite different to games like poker and blackjack, so the cards will be dealt on the table with two face up and the center card face down. Before the cards are dealt you will place your chips on the circle that reads ante, on doing so you will then select bet and the cards will be dealt to you. Now your aim in this game is to have the center card fall in between the two cards that are face up, so for example if the two cards that have been dealt to you are 6 and 10 you will want that center card to be a 7, 8 or 9 and this will give you a win. Once the cards have been dealt you will be given the option to raise your bet. you will know whether you have a high chance of winning by the cards that you can see, so for instance if you were to see the two cards face up as a 2 and a 10 then you will have more of a chance of the center card falling between them two and then you can base your decision of whether to raise your bet on this. So as i have said this game is pretty basic once you understand how it works, it is very different to the other table games that are played and you may find that it will not be as popular, this is not because the game is not entertaining, it is a pretty exciting game and you can get some good wins from it but the Red Dog game is probably not spoke about as much as the more popular table games that we play in NetEnt UK casinos. There is a fair amount of money to be won when you play NetEnts Red Dog table game, you will find that the odds get higher with the amount of space that is left to fill between the two cards, so if you were to get a 5 and a 7 then you will only be able to win the hand with a 6 and the odds will go up so if you were to win this would pay out at 5:1 which is quite large.

Bonus Features

As I have mentioned before you do not usually find that there are a lot of bonuses when you are playing a table game, however there is something pretty exciting about the Red Dog card game. The game is a progressive game, this will equal you getting even bigger wins when you are playing, the way that this will work is when you have won a hand you will be able to leave those winnings on the table so they will build up and you could see yourself getting some pretty large amounts from this if you were to win. NetEnts Red Dog game is very fun to play once you have worked it all out and this is not hard to do, many players that are into games like poker will find it quite easy to pick up on as the value of the cards works the same as they would when you play a game of poker. NetEnt are constantly thinking of ways to create better games for players that visit their casinos, the Red Dog game is fun and has a certain something to it that will keep you having a great time. As in any game you will find that you can not constantly win, but with the fact that you can see the two cards you will have a better chance at making the right decisions.

The Quality Of Red Dog

The Red Dog table game from NetEnt has a great quality to it, you will find that the table is crisp and everything falls into place as you begin to play. f you are already a fan of the NetEnt games then you will know that they never disappoint with their games, well known for the extreme quality in all of their video slots you are sure to see the same style in all of their table games. NetEnt video slots like Lost Island and Boom Brothers have made quite a name for themselves with players that choose NetEnt UK casinos and this is because of the quality in the graphics and the sound, you will see this in the Red Dog table game, it has a great look and will give you a brilliant experience when you are playing. You will see that the table will feature a pay table on it, as you are playing the card game a chip with a Red Dog on it will sit in this pay table, as the cards are dealt it will shuffle itself to let you know what the pay out will be if you win. This is a great way to play as the players can get a little more involved and get more excitement when they know what is up for grabs. You will also find that the great sounds of hearing the cards being shuffled and dealt when you play, this will keep you interested and when we come online we still want that real casino feeling and this does give it to you. The Red Dog game can give you those awesome wins and like so many of the NetEnt games will show you full entertainment so have plenty of fun with this fascinating card game.