Roulette Touch®

Roulette is one of the massive table games that you will find when playing on your mobile, on your desktop or in a land based casino. Roulette Touch® is from Net Entertainment software and it will show you a very good game. Roulette s a basic table game that can see you winning some very big wins, you will find that it has many different betting choices when you play, these will be to bet on a solid number, so if you were to choose 6 you would choose your chip size and place it directly on to 6. But other than those bets there are many other choices that you can make, this makes a much more fun game to play as you can really play as many numbers as you would like to. Not only is this game very tempting to try out it has to be one of the most exciting table games there is, although you may find that it can take money fast if you are choosing to play larger bets and not having much luck, but if you are betting smaller and your luck is in you could find yourself raising your winnings quite quickly. The great part about the Roulette Touch® game is that it us an online game, meaning that unlike playing in a land based casino you can get much speedier games, you will not need to wait around for other players at the table and you will e able ti just get on with the game and hopefully pull in the wins that you want. You can also play Roulette Touch® from many different stakes, so you will have the option to choose from a smaller amount or if you are a high roller you will be able to choose the much larger stakes and get to place the bets that will suit you the best. It is great that Roulette Touch® is available to the mobile players as it is a very popular game, so if you are visiting a NetEnt UK casino from your mobile you will still be able to enjoy the thrills and entertainment that the table will bring to you. And it is not the only table game that NetEnt have brought to our attention with their Touch® collection, if you are more a fan of the table games than the slots then you can also enjoy Blackjack Touch® from NetEnt software.

Bonus Features

When it comes to playing the game of Roulette Touch® you will find that the bonuses you get come in bets, now you will not find that this is in free bets or chips but rather in the way that you can bet. Roulette Touch® is a lot different to playing one of the slot games from NetEnt, in those you will find that there are ways of entering bonus rounds where you can gain free spins and extra cash, unfortunately this will not be possible when you play Roulette Touch®. Some table games that you can play on desktop will have bonuses like wild cards and this will usually be found when you play Poker or Red Dog. But when you do decide to play Roulette Touch® at your NetEnt UK casino you will have plenty of fun knowing that you get to choose from a great variety of bets, and an extra bonus is the fact that you can place as many bets as you like. The only restriction you will find is minimum and maximum amounts that can be placed, and if you are a high roller you will usually find that there is a version that will suit your style of betting a lot more. So when you play a game of Roulette Touch® you will be able to place your direct bets along with side bets, these can be placed between two and four numbers when you play. Other than that you will also be able to lace what are called outside bets on the table, these can be from different ranges of numbers, so you will be able to bet on 12 numbers at once, or you can even bet on colours. This is all your choice and you will have a great time knowing that you will get plenty of variety when you choose to play the Roulette Touch®.

The Quality Of Roulette Touch®

NetEnt constantly please there players with the amazing quality that is provided in all of their games, Roulette Touch® has a fabulous layout that will give you the real casino experience and allow you to get everything that you need when you play. Whether you have chosen to play on NetEnts mobile Roulette table or you enjoy there Baccarat Touch® you are always going to find that they have an amazing quality to them, starting from the chips that you use to place your bets or the cards and roulette wheels, everything stands out and there is no competition against all others. You are always going to get a great game from NetEnts Roulette Touch®, have plenty of great bets and get all of the entertainment you need from a brilliant mobile game.