Blackjack Touch®

Blackjack Touch® is a very fun card game that you can experience straight from your mobile from NetEnt software. In all honesty there is no real skill to playing the game of Blackjack Touch® , you will not need to know much and new players will find it extremely easy to pick up on. The great thing about Blackjack Touch® is that you have the NetEnt software there to help you along the way, which is the same as having the dealer in a live casino but you get through the game a little quicker as it s just you and the dealer with no one else around. So when you choose to play at your NetEnt UK casino from your mobile and select the Blackjack Touch® table you will notice instantly that it is a basic game, and you can get straight to betting and getting on with the game. Blackjack Touch® is a game of 21, so your aim thorough the game is to beat the dealer by reaching as close to 21 as you possibly can. There will be extra bets and choices along the way but we will start of with the basis, so firstly you the cards will be dealt, you will receive your 2 cards face up and the dealer will only receive one of his cards face up. After this you will be given the chance to either stand or hit, if you stand you will stick with the cards that have been dealt to you and then the dealer will receive his second card and all wins will be paid if so. If you choose to hit you will be dealt another card, you will once again be given the chance to hit or stand, once all decisions are made the dealers second hand will be dealt. This is the basics to the game and his how you will mainly play the game, so as you can tel it is very simple how you play Blackjack Touch® . You will get so many different varieties when you play at a NetEnt UK casino and select the table games, and no matter what you choose whether it is Roulette Touch® or maybe even a little Baccarat you will find that they are made a lot easier because of the NetEnt software and new players will be able to pick up on the rules quite easy.

Bonus Features

In NetEnts Blackjack Touch® you wont get any bonus features that are pretty heart racing, in fact any type of additional feature you get you will have to pay for. These come in quite simple terms and it is all about additional cards or adding to your original stake. So these come in the choices to either double up, so this will happen when you receive a card of 9 or higher, when this happens the option to double will appear, by doing so you will of doubled your bet and you will only be aloud to be dealt one more card, this will be your final hand and if you win you will take double back, so it is quite a good way to play and it can end up in your favor quite easily, you will base this decision on what card the dealer holds. The next feature you will have is to split your cards, this will again double your stake but you do have the chance to get double the winnings. You will be offered the chance to split your cards when you receive two of the same numbered card in your first hand. So when this happens and you decide to split you will then be playing two hands, and this will just stay the same as if you were just playing the one hand, it is quite interesting to play and you can once again take a double win back. There is also the last option of insurance, this will be available when the dealer has the possibility of getting Blackjack, so you will take out insurance on your hand and this way you will still be able to get something back from the hand. It is a great game to play when you enter a NetEnt UK casino, if you are looking for something with a little more of a bonus then the Poker and Red Dog game may suit you that bit more.

The Quality Of Blackjack Touch®

It is already pretty brilliant that NetEnt have given us the opportunity to play Blackjack Touch® from our mobile, but it is even better that we get a great quality from it. You will love the whole loo of the Blackjack Table, although we are playing from our mobiles we still want to get that great experience from it, so to play a NetEnt game from the Touch® collection you know that you are about to get the best. You will always find yourself having plenty of fun at the Blackjack Touch® table, so enjoy all that it has to offer with a great choice of different stakes and the chance to take home the big wins that you want to see. The table you play it will seem pretty real, NetEnt have gotten everything perfect right down to the cards you are being dealt, this does create a more entertaining and enjoyable game for you to play. You will always find that when you are playing a game from NetEnt software that full effort has been put in so you get the best enjoyment from it, the Blackjack Touch® table proves that to everyone who visits a NetEnt UK casino from their mobile.