South Park Touch®

South Park is a well known name, it is a great TV program that we will watch for the laughs and the entertainment, so what better way to enjoy it than in one of NetEnts famous slots. In South Park Touch® the 4 school boys get together to carry on causing mischief and while doing so they will hopefully bring you some very large wins. South Park Touch® is most attractive because it does hold a few bonus features, you will usually find when you play at a NetEnt UK casino that the slots will have that one free spin bonus, while that is pretty exciting you will be more thrilled to her that you have the chance to enter one of 4 different bonus features in the South park Touch® slot. As well as the bonus features you will also find that in the main game you will get a few extra features to help you boost up the ones. The slot is bright, colorful and has some great amusement to it, for those who have already watched the South Park program you will know that they have a wicked sense of humour and you will meet many of the familiar characters that take place in the reels as symbols and will show up in the bonuses. South Park Touch® has actually been a big hit with players that visit NetEnt casinos, and because of that it prompted NetEnt to create a second game, South Park Reel Chaos Touch®, which is just as exciting as the firs and holds a few extra bonuses for players, also introducing more of the South Park Characters. South Park Touch® is a very fun animated slot for your mobile, it is always great when we get a more intense game to play on mobile, South Park Touch® has thrills, fun and plenty of laughs making it very enjoyable for any player who visits.

Bonus Features

You will get a choice of many different bonus features in the South Park Touch® game, firstly you will get many features that start of in the main game of the slot This is very exciting because it means that you can find action at almost any time while you are playing. So while you are spinning the reels you will firstly find the wild symbol, these are seen in many of the NetEnt slots and are pretty exciting to have around. The wild symbol in South Park Touch® will appear and act as a substitute for all other symbols in the slot with an exception to the bonus symbols. Other than the wild symbol you will also find that various characters will randomly appear while you are playing, these will include Mr Hanky and Terrance and Philip. If you see Mr Hanky appear in the reels he will jump around leaving his dirty mark on symbols and turning them into wilds, Terrance and Philip will come in with their usual fart jokes and they will also create some stacked wilds in the game, so this is very exciting to see they have a lot to offer and they can already boost wins. You will also find that there is a Cartman mini feature when you are playing the main game, this will activate randomly and when it does you will find the beefcake wild, this can potentially fill up all of symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4. So getting on to those exciting bonus rounds that can be activated, you will find that NetEnt are pretty great at create exciting bonus rounds for their players, if you have enjoyed games such as Blood Suckers Touch® and Mega Fortune Touch® then you will see that they also have more than one bonus that is very exciting. In order to activate a bonus in the South Park Touch® slot you will need to see three of the bonus symbols in the reels, but the bonus you receive will depend on what shows up in the last reel, this will show a picture of one of the four bonuses and you will then start up the bonus. There are obviously the four bonuses that will each hold on of the South Park boys in them, so you will find free spins and ways to earn coins they are all quite fun to watch and they have some really great twists in them. South Park Touch® is already a very exciting game, but when you throw in the amount of bonuses that it holds it will completely up the anticipation and the entertainment.

The Quality Of South Park Touch®

When you play South Park Touch® you will love everything you see, from the outstanding animations to the funny sounds and the great sense of humour. NetEnt have really gone all out with the South Park Touch® slot to show all of their players a high quality mobile slot with nothing but the best entertainment, and the chance to get the biggest wins. You will see many different characters among the symbols of the slot, and in the background of the game you will see the snowy town of South Park itself. As the bonus features play out you will hear funny quotes from the characters of the program, this does create much better entertainment and you will find that it is not the first time NetEnt has managed to entertain us with sound. You will find that in slots such as Jack and the Beanstalk, you always hear happy tunes and great sound effects that keep you well entertained and more interested in the game. South Park Touch® is funny, exciting and will show you an outstanding amount of events, a great choice for NetEnts Touch® collection and always sure to show you a great game.