Mega Fortune Touch®

Mega Fortune Touch® is the flash and sophisticated slot from NetEnt that you can enjoy playing on your mobile, the slot is available at every NetEnt UK casino and has become increasingly popular among players. The part about this slot that has made it so attractive is not the free spin bonus feature like in many other NetEnt slots, Mega Fortune Touch® is so popular because it holds one of the NetEnt jackpots. The NetEnt jackpots are famous, this is because of the large amounts of money that they have already paid out, and because they have increasing jackpots that hold life changing amounts of money. It is brilliant that we have a jackpot game to enjoy when we play n our mobile, some players that visit mobile casinos may worry that they will not get the better quality games, the great thing about Net Entertainment is that all of there games are of the highest quality and they are all amazing, so it is one great thing to have some of the biggest games to play, but you can also play for the biggest jackpots. The Mega Fortune Touch® slot is a very rich game, the symbols all represent what money can buy and it will have you dreaming of all the flash things you could get f you were to get your hands on that massive win. This is why the game is so attractive and popular with the players, the great thing is that it holds the illusion of what we want and how we would like to live our lives, but the better part is that you actually have a chance to do so if you win the jackpot. Many players have already been quite lucky on this game and more people are coming to it when they chose to play at a NetEnt UK casino. The Mega Fortune Touch® slot is all about the glitter and glamour of the better life, you will see that this sort of style has been sen before in the NetEnt slots with games like Diamond Dogs and Lost Island also having quite a stylish and memorizing look to them. You are always going to have a lot of fun when you play Mega Fortune Touch® and this is due to the fact that it will always have you dreaming of what could be, this slot is definitely worth the try even if you are only laying for a little entertainment it has all of the benefits that the players want to see, and a whole lot more.

Bonus Features

You will find that there are a couple of bonus features when you choose to play the Mega Fortune Touch® video slot. First we will start of with how to win that huge progressive jackpot, but one thing left to mention on this slot is that there is not only one jackpot up for grabs, there is actually three of them making the slot a lot more interesting and tempting to play. So your jackpots will be the rapid, the mega and the major. The major jackpot will clearly hold the largest amount but the other two can progress to jackpots worth getting excited over. The way to enter the jackpot bonus is to get three or more of the bonus symbols in the reels, but here is the catch the bonus symbols must land in an active win line. Once this does happen you will be taken straight to the bonus round, here you will be welcomed with a large bonus wheel, your job is to select when you want the wheel to stop, now when the wheel stops it will either land on an amount or to an arrow. If you make it past the first arrow you will have a chance at winning the rapid jackpot or an amount of coins, or you could once again get an arrow and move further into the wheel. When you are in the next section of the wheel you will have the chance to win the mega jackpot, or an amount of coins, if neither of these are won you will of hit the arrow and made it even further into the wheel. The third part of the wheel will of course have the major jackpot and this is the one that everyone wants to get. So you will find that the bonus is pretty easy to play and it is filled with loads of action that will have you tensed up and shouting at the screen. Other than the jackpot bonus you will also have the free spin bonus, this is well liked among players at NetEnt UK casinos and it is always fun to play, as although there is the massive jackpot win you will also find that rather large wins can be taken in the free spin bonus. You will activate the free spin bonus when you see three or more of the scatter symbols, when this happens you will be asked to choose a symbol, this will then reveal how many free spins you have won and what multiplier you will have. If you were to get two more of the scatter symbols during the feature you will once again get the chance to pick a symbol that will reveal either ore free spins or another multiplier that will be added to the bonus. The bonus features are fantastic and they are sure to show all players a very entertaining time, with hopefully some big wins.

The Quality Of Mega Fortune Touch®

The quality in the Mega Fortune Touch® and original desktop slot really is perfect, you will see everything from bottles of champagne to speed boats and limousines, the game really does have a millionaire feel to it and NetEnt have chosen a great way to present the slot to us. If you are a fan of other mobile slots such as Silent Run and Ghost Pirates then you will enjoy the Mega Fortune Touch® slot, this is not because they are the same type of game, in fact these three games could not have a more different look to them. But they each hold that great intensity and the thrills that you want and this is what combines the NetEnt games. If you have chosen to play at a NetEnt UK casino on your mobile then playing Mega Fortune Touch® is a must, even if it is only for a small amount as yo do not want to miss out on that great opportunity and because the game really is a great way to show how skilled the team behind NetEnt are.