Frankenstein Touch®

Henry Frankenstein managed to create a monster from the dead, this hit film made it massive and although it was first released back in 1931 it is still a film that we talk about today and that is the impact that this hit thriller made. Well NetEnt have partnered up with universal studios to bring us one hell of a mobile video slot, and they really have done an exceptional job. When you play the Frankenstein Touch® slot game you will love everything that it has to offer, from the creepy music that plays as you spin the reels to the fantastic bonus features that are lurking. Frankenstein is a film that we know a lot about, even if you have not seen the film you will know what it is about and this is why it is so great tat we can experience it all again from the games that we love the most. A lot of players that come to NetEnt UK casinos, arrive because of the slot games that are available, there are a lot of them and each one is individual and shows something that we have never seen before. Frankenstein Touch® is a great example of how unique a game we can get when we choose to play at a NetEnt UK casino. You will see characters from the film taking place as symbols in the reels, and you will be able to activate the very exciting bonus features, the great part about the bonuses in the Frankenstein Touch® slot is that there is more than one and there is a great variety. You will find that there is always something new to look forward to when you are playing, for those who love a little entertainment when they play online you will most definitely get it from the Frankenstein Touch® slot. This is not the first time that NetEnt have given us a brilliant film to use for our enjoyment with the great Starburst Touch® slot game also proving to be quite popular among players at the UK casinos. When we choose to play at a casino we are looking for more than just wins, we love something that will keep us entertained, that will not only provide us with a game but will show us thrills, excitement and fill us with anticipation. This is what the Frankenstein Touch® slot can offer you, the film had that effect and NetEnt have really got this one in the bag with their amazing skills so that we get a brilliant feature.

Bonus Features

So there are a few bonuses when you are playing the Frankenstein Touch® video slot, this is a great way to play as it can be more interesting for players. There are some players that like a bonus but not to much, and this is the great thing about NetEnt they do offer us variety so you can play games like, Twin Spin Touch® and Big Bang Touch® that both offer a bonus round but it isn’t packed full of different things so you still get a great game with a great bonus but you get a more straight through play. So you will find that the Frankenstein Touch® slot does have the wild symbols, these are very regular when you play at a NetEnt UK casino and they are very fun to have around, the unique part about the wild symbols in the Frankenstein Touch® slot is that they are not your regular wild there is a lot more to them that make them much more exciting. First you will have your lightning wild, this symbol will only land on reels 2, 3 and 4 when it does lightning will shoot out and spread the wilds across other symbols and it can give off some very good wins if you manage to get it in all three reels. Next you will have the fire wild, this will only be available when you get into the free spin bonus but it is a guaranteed symbols so you know it will be there, the fire wild will only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 this will spit out fire and will also spread wilds among the reels to give you even better wins. You will also get your free spin bonus when you are playing the Frankenstein Touch® slot, you will need to see three or more of the scatter symbols anywhere in the reels in order to activate this bonus. Once the free spins have been activated you will be awarded ten free spins, but it gets better than that while you are in the bonus not only will you have the fire wilds in play but if you see two scatter symbols as the spins play out you will win an additional 5 spins, this can happen in a few of the NetEnt games such as Mega Fortune Touch® and it is really great when you do because it will extend that bonus and keep you on your way to getting more of the wins you want. As if all of this wasn’t enough in the Frankenstein Touch® slot you will also find that multipliers will be available too, they will land on reel 5 of the slot and you can get multipliers as big as x5.

The Quality Of Frankenstein

NetEnt never disappoint with their games, players will probably be expecting great things with the Frankenstein Touch® slot and they will get it. The graphics are brilliant the sounds are fantastic and you will get an exceptional experience from it, we have seen many games from NetEnt and when it comes to their Touch® games you are always pleasantly surprised. The Frankenstein Touch® slot game has a lot to offer, it is action packed with many different ways to up your wins and this is what we want, we love the entertainment and we love to see the big money roll in. Frankenstein Touch® will give players a brilliant game, you will get all that you expect and more when you decide to play this at your NetEnt UK casino. Have plenty of fun with this brilliant take on the hit Frankenstein film.