Fisticuffs Touch®

Get on your boxing gloves and join the fighters in the ring, Fisticuffs Touch® is the amazing boxing inspired slot from NetEnt software. The game will have you cheering and laughing with the fun characters and the intense bonus rounds that take place. Fisticuffs Touch® is one of the very unique games from NetEnt, it takes place in a boxing ring you will hear the shouts from the crowds that are watching and when the bonus round begins the spotlight is on and the fists start swinging. This is a really great take on boxing, it is quite a serious sport and NetEnt have managed to turn it into a very funny game that any will enjoy. The NetEnt slots have always proved to be quite popular among players at UK casinos, they have something to them that makes them so different to other software providers and they are extremely exciting. The Fisticuffs Touch® slot will pump you full of adrenalin and will show you an amazing experience. Place your bets and see who will become the champion in this one of a kind slot game, you will find that with the NetEnt animated games they do have a good sense of humor, just by checking out slots such as South Park Touch® and Piggy Riches Touch® you will find your self quite amused with the symbols that play in the game. When you play Fisticuffs Touch® you will be able to activate the bonus round, now this is a little different to what we usually see from NetEnt, free spins will be available but they have chosen a rather unusual technique that is a little shorter than the usual bonuses but can still hand out some big wins. We enjoy visiting the NetEnt UK casinos because they always have a little more to them than what you would usually find when you play in a land based casino, they are very bright and each one has a great story to it so that the player will feel more involved in the game and this does create much more entertaining circumstances.

Bonus Features

So the bonus feature in the Fisticuffs Touch® slot is very fun, in order to activate your bonus you will need the diagonal wild and the straight wild appearing next to each other. So once the bonus feature is activated you will start the match, the two boxers are what will create the best wilds for you and as mentioned you will get diagonal wilds and you will get straight wilds. As the boxers have their fight the wilds will spread out over the reels, after the match is over you will get a re-spin with the wilds created stuck in place and this will then calculate your win. Now that will be the end of your bonus, i did say that it was a short bonus but there is a lot up for grabs as you are playing. Bonus rounds are what attracts players to online slots, you can have a lot of fun with them and they have been well known for paying out in huge sums of money. We all want that big win and the thing is that you will never know where it will come from, a game like Fisticuffs Touch® has the potential to give you exactly what you want even though the bonus is not the biggest that we have seen from NetEnt. If you have not yet had a try in the Fisticuffs Touch® game then it will be worth your wild, many people have their preferred choices when it comes to online and mobile slots but you never know where your luck lies and it could be in a game that you never thought of playing. Even though you have a short re spin bonus you will also find that the wilds are included as you are playing the slot, so you will still find that during the main game the wins will still keep playing.

The Quality Of Fisticuffs Touch®

You will usually find that when you switch from playing on a desktop to playing on your mobile there is a rather large difference, this will begin with the size your desktop screen is pretty large compared to your mobile and tablet but you will still find the experience is great when you are playing. NetEnt have designed these slots for the mobile players and as they always do they like to ensure that every play is the best for you, so you will still find that the graphics and sound in the Fisticuffs Touch® slot are outstanding. All you need to do is loads up the mobile video slot and if you want to get a little more atmosphere then maybe turn up the volume and really get engrossed in the game, Fisticuffs Touch® is already based on a very exciting sport, you will never go and watch a boxing match and find yourself sitting in a quiet audience, it is loud, it is intense and it is full of action. If you choose to play at s NetEnt UK casino and you play the Fisticuffs Touch® slot you will find that with the skill of NetEnt you are looking at a high quality game that will draw you in and keep the excitement going for hours. You will see many different symbols as you are playing the slot, there will be the gold belt, stools and boxing gloves involved in the symbols and the slot itself has a bit of a rustic look to it. You can find many fun factors to this game and it has enough in it to wow you and keep you entertained as you play, Fisticuffs Touch® is the slot that anyone can enjoy so give it a try the next time you visit your NetEnt UK casino.