Blood Suckers Touch®

The fantasy of vampires has grown stronger and stronger as years have passed, you will now find that they are mentioned quite a lot with massive films and television programs being based on the theory of vampires. Well NetEnt are always showing us something new and interesting when we play on their slot games, so why not include the fantasy of vampires in one of their mobile slots. With NetEnts Blood Suckers Touch® slot game you will find pure entertainment and a lot of great bonuses along the way, Blood Suckers Touch® is a very fun online slot to play offering two bonus rounds and giving you many opportunities to get some huge wins. When we think of vampires we think cold and scary and we imagine all of the terrible, scary things that they do. NetEnt have really got the detail perfect with their Blood Suckers Touch® video slot you will get that scary vibe just from the sounds that are played throughout the game and you will love the symbols that are offered with many vampires taking place on the reels. So with a name like Blood Suckers Touch® i think you would know exactly what to expect when it comes to the image of the game, but there is a lot to it that you wouldn’t see in other games. We play at NetEnt UK casinos for the great wins you can get, but we also play because NetEnt are famous for the outstanding graphics and entertainment that they provide in their very popular video slots, Blood Suckers Touch® is a great example of the great enjoyment that NetEnt can give us. You will find that although the inspiration is this game is vampires it is not the first time that NetEnt have used the styling of magic and legendary stories in there games, you will find that other slots available such as Magic Portals Touch® and Mythic Maiden Touch® also have a sense of mystery to them with a creepy vibe, if you have played on some of these games then the Blood Suckers Touch® slot would e a great game to try out when you are playing from your mobile.

Bonus Features

NetEnt have always been quite great at showing us some fantastic and unique bonus rounds when playing their slot games, you will find that each slot you choose to play will have something new to offer, like the boxing match in Fisticuffs Touch® or the jackpot wheel in Mega Fortune Touch® and they are something that we appreciate when we choose to plat at a NetEnt UK casino. In the Blood Suckers Touch® slot you will find that their are two bonus features that you will be able to activate while you play, along with the bonus features you will also find that the wild symbol will be available. The wild symbol in the Blood Suckers Touch® slot will be the symbol of a vampire about to feast on a young ladies neck, although this may be the thing of nightmares it really does give a more imaginative feel to the game. The wild symbol in the slot will act as a substitute for all other symbols in the slot with an exception to the scatter and bonus symbols, wild symbols are there to help you along they way and get you on your way to bigger and better wins. So the first bonus feature in the Blood Suckers Touch® slot will be the free spins bonus, to activate this you will need to see three or more of the scatter symbols anywhere in the reels. When you do activate the bonus feature you will be awarded with ten free spins, as if that wasn’t good enough you will also find that during your free spin bonus all wins will be tripled so you could find yourself gathering some amazing pay outs at the end of the round. The next bonus feature in Blood Suckers Touch® is the pick and win bonus, these are always great to have around as you will find that there are usually some massive hide wins in these games, this is all about making the right choice and if you do you are sure to get a very exciting game. To enter the pick and win bonus round you will need to see three or more bonus symbols in the reels, but they must be in an active win line. Once you trigger this you will be taken to the vampires layer where you will see many coffins laid around the room, you will open the coffins to reveal prizes, if you open a coffin to see a skeleton your bonus will end.

The Quality Of Blood Suckers Touch®

When it comes to finding quality in the games that you are playing you will find it hard to beat the NetEnt video slots, they always have a great theme, brilliant style and outrageous imagination. In the Blood Suckers Touch® slot imagination is what you will see, there is a great amount of effort that has been put in to almost scare the players. When we think of vampires we think of garlic to repel them, and we think of sharp fangs and cobwebs. This is exactly what you will find when you are looking at the symbols in the Blood Suckers Touch® game, it is the perfect image of how we see vampires, although the thought of vampires has rather changed to where we think that they sparkle and we see them as more of an admiration than the scary monsters that will suck the blood from our bodies. It is great that NetEnt have gone old school with this game and brought the fear of vampires back, you will love everything that has been put together with the amazing graphics and the great sounds that ring out as you spin the reels and activate those bonus features. A very fun mobile slot with some great bonuses on offer, Blood Suckers Touch® is a great way to have some mobile fun.