Aliens Touch®

Aliens is the science fiction sequel to the 1979 alien film, and NetEnt decided to make it into one of their fascinating Touch® games. The NetEnt Touch® games are available to those mobile players, as we know the thought of playing all the fascinating NetEnt games on your mobile is getting more and more appealing, this is mainly because of the fact that NetEnt decided to take some of their biggest online video slots and make them available to mobile players. The Aliens Touch® slot game is full of many exciting twists that will show you an extreme game with plenty of great wins to grab, it really takes you back to the creepy horror and will give you the chills with the great sounds and graphics that are involved. As it is a mobile game some players may feel that they wouldn’t get the full effect than on desktop, but with the NetEnt Touch® games you are always assured a great experience, you will still be able too select all of the same advantages and you will still see everything that is on offer in full effect when you play. The Aliens Touch® video slot has many different bonus features to it, you will see that with these you can work up some massive wins straight from your mobile. The multiplier bonuses will still be available and will show you a brilliant time when you are playing, you can select from a varied amount of stakes so that you can always enjoy the slot to your own playing style and this does make it more interesting to players as it is from a well known film that is already attractive, but when you load up the mobile slot and see all of the extra advantages that are offered you will know that you are about to play something truly great.

Bonus Features

As I have already mentioned the Aliens Touch® video slot does have some great bonuses to offer its players, firstly there are three stages to the bonuses in the Aliens Touch® video slot and it is a great way to play as you will find that you are working towards something and this will keep you more involved in the game that you are playing. So at the top of the slot you will find your alien activity meter, this will be level one known as the search, so when you get an active win line the symbols that are included in it will be added to the alien activity meter this will exclude the wild symbols in the game. Once you have filled your meter you will then go on to level 2, the encounter. In level two you will be attacked by the Aliens and you will have multipliers added to your wins, multipliers are a great way to boost your wins and if you manage to get a large one in there you know that big money is on its way. You will also be able to gain ammo while you are playing the second part of this bonus and this will help to keep it going, if you do run out of ammunition then you will end the game and will go back to the main game of the slot and start to fill up your alien activity meter once again. Once you enter level three you will be in the hive, your aim in this level is to beat the queen, you will have a health meter while you play and you will also find that multipliers will also be involved, once you have destroyed the queen and the bonus is over you will then be awarded with all of the coins that you earned and this will equal your win. The bonus in the Aliens Touch® game is very unique and is a great way to enjoy the slot, NetEnt are always coming up with new ideas and this is a brilliant way to play. You will find that the bonus in the Aliens Touch® slot is a lot different to mobile games such as, Big Bang Touch® and blood suckers Touch®, although all of the bonuses from NetEnt are very exciting this one gives the player much more involvement in the slot.

The Quality Of Aliens Touch®

The quality in the Aliens Touch® video slot is one that can not be beaten, everything in this slot has been thought through fully and will show you some unbelievable graphics. With everything that is on offer in the slot it is almost like playing a computer game, you will love the amazing graphics and the eerie sounds that come along as you are playing the game. You will see many Aliens as you are spinning the reels and it does take you back to the hit film, with all that this game has to offer you would worry that a mobile game could not hold it all but with the great efforts from the NetEnt team you are looking at an outstanding game that has more than entertainment. All of the Touch® games from NetEnt show off some great skills and just by playing one of their mobile games like Disco Spins Touch® and Jack Hammer Touch® you will know that NetEnt have really given us something amazing to enjoy from our mobiles. In the Aliens Touch® video slot you will find that there is more than just bonus rounds and great wins when you play, the game takes you out of the ordinary and gives you great thrills as you play. When we choose to play online or on our mobile from a NetEnt UK casino we are looking for something special that will blow us away, NetEnt have successfully achieved this with the Aliens Touch® slot it has the drama and the intense feeling of trying to survive the attack of the Aliens. If you have not yet tried one of the games from NetEnts Touch® collection then the Aliens slot is a great place to start, giving you plenty of action in a slot that will show nothing but entertainment from beginning to end.