Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is one of the most popular NetEnt jackpot games, you will find that many people have heard of this slot and the reason for that is the absolutely massive jackpots that this game can reach. Not only does it reach huge amounts f money but it is also a well known slot for paying out, the jackpot has been won more than once and is sure to do so again. The even greater part about this slot is that it is very fun to play, the adrenalin is there throughout the entire game and that always creates a more exciting environment that you want to be in. When you look at the symbols appearing on the reels of this slot it will really get you hyped up, many of the slots we play at NetEnt UK casinos have there own theme, whether it be of a childhood story like Robin Hood, or it is about detective work like in the Crime Scene slot, with the Mega Fortune slot it is all about the money. Everything you see on the reels is flash, expensive and will have you dreaming of what you would buy if you were that lucky player to win the jackpot prize. But the Mega Fortune slot has a lot more in store for you, this slot does not only offer the one jackpot, in fact you will have the chance to grab one of three different jackpots. On top of that you will also have the wild symbol, multipliers and that always like free spin bonus feature. You throw all of this into a jackpot game and you have something that will be talked about, this game is dazzling and will sweep many players away with its constant entertainment. The most attractive part of this slot has to be the jackpot that is up for grabs, this exceeds massive amounts and is the record holder for paying the biggest jackpot in the world when back in 2013 it paid one extremely lucky Finnish player a whopping 17.5 million euros! This is just more proof of what the NetEnt games are capable of, it never hurts to try so even if the Mega Fortune slot is not your cup of tea, it is nice to have a little go to see if you could be one of the players that grabs that life changing amount of money.

Bonus Features

So we will start of by explaining how you can win that huge jackpot, now as I said there is three of these jackpots available to win. You will have your rapid jackpot, this is a much smaller amount and will be won quite frequently, next you will have your major jackpot that can still reach huge amounts of money, and finally the mega jackpot and this is the big boy that you want to see when you reach that bonus round. So to get into the jackpot feature you will need to see three or more of the bonus symbols, but they must be in an active win line. This can get rather frustrating as you could get three of those symbols and not get in, the lucky thing about this feature is that you will be able to access it quite easy, not on every spin but it does show itself making it much more tempting. So once you are in the bonus feature you will play the bonus wheel, this is made up of 4 columns, you will select when the wheel should stop winning, you could hit a coin amount or an arrow, if you make it to the 2nd column you will be in for the chance to get the rapid jackpot, the 3rd reel will offer the major jackpot and then the 4th and centre reel will offer the mega jackpot, it all sounds so simple and really it is but it is a jackpot and it is hard to get, t is all about your luck. Next you have your free spin bonus, this is in almost all of the games we play at NetEnt UK casinos, you will see it in many popular slots such as Boom Brothers and Alien Robots it is fun, exciting ad will help towards the big wins. To activate the free spin bonus you will need to see three or more of the scatter symbols anywhere in the reels, once these appear you will be able to pick a symbol this will reveal the amount of spins you have won and the multiplier you will receive. You can also get additional spins and multipliers while you are in this bonus feature, if two or more scatter symbols appear in the reels you will once again get to select one and this will reveal your additional prize. You will also have the wild symbol in the Mega Fortune NetEnt slot, this will do its job acting as a substitute for all other symbols in the game with an exception to the scatter and bonus symbols.

The Quality Of Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is an outstanding online slot, the game is brilliant and wonderful, although there is that jackpot to look forward to there is also the great look of the game that will keep players more than entertained. The game is glamorous and will leave you with a fantastic imagination on how to spend your wins, among the symbols in the slot you will see bottles of champagne, limousines, speed boats and luxurious places. All of this is key to the game, after all the slot is called Mega Fortune so you will expect to see symbols of this sort in the reels when you are playing. You will love everything you see in this game, we come to our NetEnt UK casinos in the hopes of taking away that life changing win, this is always the thrill of gambling so the slot will give us the chance to not only try our luck but also shows us the great imagination of what we could have. If you are a fan of the NetEnt games then Mega Fortune is always a great one to try, see how the other half live in the beautiful Mega Fortune game where you could get that amazing amount of money.